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Why backup data stored in an Office 365 Account? Surely Microsoft backup my data?

If this is your thinking then please understand you have put yourself at risk! Sure, Office 365 will allow you to restore a file that was deleted, within a 30 day window. Thereafter it’s gone.

However, in my 35+ years of working in IT, I’ve learnt that what’s ‘Secure and working now, might not be the case tomorrow. We never know what vulnerability will be discovered and exploited. Often, one of the side affects of these previously undiscovered, therefore unpatched vulnerabilities, (otherwise known as zero-day vulnerability), is the corruption or loss of data.

Who knows if/when Somebody will find an exploit that affects the integrity of your Data.

As we always tell our Customers, in the event of a Disaster, we can generally recreate all systems and applications. We cannot rebuild your Data.

As such, even if your Business Critical Data is stored in Office 365 Mailboxes, Onedrive Accounts, SharePoint Sites or TEAMS Sites; If its important to the Business, BACK IT UP!

From experience, we’ve learnt that data backups need to sit on completely disparate systems to the ‘live’ data. Not only that, but it’s pertinent to keep it in a different location.

As such, not only do we store these data backups in a container not controlled by Microsoft, we also store this data in a different geographical location.

Should you like to minimise your Cyber Risk, talk to us about implementing a Secure, Automated, Cloud Backup of your Office 365 Data.

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