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Primeworks Networking was started in 1999 specifically to provide sound IT Support to privately owned businesses in the Business-to-Business area.

We found that the IT Support being offered to businesses lacked an holistic view of the business’ IT requirements, with the result that money was spent incorrectly.
As such, our focus became, and always has been: What are the requirements of YOUR business and what are YOUR best solutions?

The other problem we found was sustainability of support companies. It would seem that IT companies don’t seem to stick around for long. Some of the reasons why we are still around after 20 years of business relates to our core values being honesty, integrity and reliability.

Essentially we are your ‘Outsourced IT Department’ and as such assist you with:

Technical Support where required for a wide variety of disciplines as required by Businesses
Stable infrastructure including cabling, wireless networks and Internet Connectivity
Reliable Hardware including Servers, Desktops and Laptops
Internet Presence with Domain, Web and Email
Microsoft Solutions covering Office365 and all related services
Ensuring all systems are cyber secured and kept up to date
Ensuring an efficient, stable, effective ERP system such as Sage Pastel Partner
Backing up of all Data as you never know what could happen

We are customer focused and do our best to ensure we resolve YOUR issues.

Being your ‘Outsourced IT Department’, we endeavor to create a long-lasting, cost effective, mutually beneficial relationship.

Give us a call on 011 887 3900 and let us come see you or Contact us by form and we will call you back!

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