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Managed Data Protection Services

Taking into account what can go wrong in IT, In this day and age, it is imperative that you Ensure your Business Data is securely protected from Data Loss by implementing our Secure Backup for Business Data

In the event of disaster, all systems can be rebuilt and functionality restored relatively quickly.
However – if your data is lost, this can have serious long-term effects on your business as it is not so easy to ‘rebuild’ this. The risk to data loss increases as time goes by and as IT evolves and matures.  New threats are constantly being identified and even if you follow all recommended best practices, there is still a chance that some new vulnerability is discovered which wipes out everything, or gets ransomwared or…

At Primeworks Networking we recommend implementation of an automated, secure, offsite backup solution such that all business data is securely backed up.
This includes both On-Premise Data as well as Data Stored in the Cloud, such as Office 365.

Why do you need it?

With over our 20 Years+ of Supporting IT, one thing we’ve learnt is you need to backup your data as you never know what could go wrong, despite all best attempts.  As such, we STRONGLY recommend that you backup ALL Business Critical Data to the Cloud – Automatically and Securely

Data Loss through Hardware Failure

You never know when some piece of hardware will fail – thereby causing data loss or corruption

Data Loss through Malicious Purposes

Access to data can be lost through various mechanisms;

 – Intentional deletion of data by disgruntled employee

– loss of access to data due to Malware / Virus’

Very often IT Vendors are selling a particular solution, irrespective of your requirements.  Our focus is to understand your requirements and put in the appropriate solutions

Unintentional Deletion of Data

Someone inadvertantly/ unintentionally deletes important Business Data

Backup of Data Stored Locally on Machines

Backup data that is stored locally on harddrives. This would include such data as Accounting Information, (Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, SAGE, SQL Databases, Excel, Word etc.

Automatically and Securely Backup your Files & Folders

The Agent is installed on the machine storing the data and configured to backup the specified folders, daily, at a specified time.

Its a Managed Backup Service

We assist you every step of the way; We assist you in with setting up the backup.  We then check regularly that everything is backing up correctly and notify you in the event we identify a problem.

Easily Restore your Data when required

In the event you need to recover your data, it’s simply a case of loading the agent, logging in and selecting what data to restore.

Backup of Data Stored in the Cloud

Just because data is stored in a Cloud Service, doesn’t mean its guaranteed to be backed up!  One never knows what could go wrong.  As such we Strongly recommend backing up your Cloud Data stored in Services like Office 365.

Securely Backup your Office 365 Data
Ensure all data stored in Mailboxes, Sharepoint, Onedrive and TEAMS Sites are backed up securely and automatically.
'Belts and Braces' for your Data Backup

In the event that something happens to the Microsoft Office 365 Service, you will still be able to access your data as the Data Backup is stored in a disparate system as well as completely different geographical location.

Sleep comfortably at night knowing your Data is safe

Even if someone does find some previously unknown vulnerability and compromises your data, be comfortable in the fact that you have secure backups of your data that can be accessed securely, safely and easily in the event of a disaster.

Our IT Engineers have years of experience dealing with the various ways of backing up Data. Speak to us to discuss your requirements

Since we have years of experience with what could go wrong, we cannot over-emphasize the need for a robust, secure, data backup strategy.  In the event of a Disaster, we can rebuild/replace all infrastructure, reload all applications and reconfigure all User requirements.



Ensure your Business Data is securely protected from Data Loss by implementing our Secure Backup for Business Data now, for both On-Premise and Cloud Stored Data.

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