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’20th Century’ IT systems were based around a local Server which would authenticate Users and give them access to certain folders – either for their documents, or shared folders such that multiple users could access the files they required. If Users needed access to these files when not at the office, a Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) would be utilised to give access remotely.
Of course Internet Speeds weren’t fantastic so you had to be patient when working remotely.

In regard to emails, an Email Server was on-premise and allowed users to send and receive email when at work. In some cases, the on-premise mail server was exposed to the Internet, such that remote users could access their mailboxes.

Companies would buy Microsoft Office for Excel, Word and Outlook, to improve desktop productivity.

And so Users would work….

Every couple of years, the Business would have to lay out large Capex amounts to upgrade the system to the next versions of the various applications. This included costly hardware as well as software license fees.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery were relatively expensive in that one had to run redundant systems as well as maintain all these various Servers and applications.
With the improvement of Internet Speeds and Cloud Offerings like Microsoft Office 365, this has all changed.

All the base functionality Businesses need for Email Communication, File Storage, Collaboration, Word Processing and Spreadsheet is covered in an Office 365 Subscription.

The most popular for Small to Medium Size Enterprises, (1 to 300 Users), is the Office 365 Business Premium License.

Aside from the familiar Office Suite, (Excel/Word/Outlook), It also includes the following:

50GB Mailbox hosted on Microsoft’s Exchange Servers. Read an email on your Outlook on your computer and the email will show as read on your phone. Add a contact on your phone and see it appear in your Outlook Contacts. Share Calendars with other people. Receive your email on multiple devices
1TB Onedrive Space. Store all your Documents securely in the Cloud. Access your Documents wherever you are. Share folders, where required, with other people. No need to store documentation on the Server at the office
Sharepoint. Have Teams that all work on common documentation? Now they can collaborate on all the documents, wherever they are, through Sharepoint.
Teams. Have Teams that need to collaborate either through shared screens, multiple people working on the same document simultaneously or conference calls? This can be done through Teams

If you would like to move to Office 365 or feel you’re not getting the most out of it, please Contact Us and let’s see where we can assist in modernising your Business.

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