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While doing research in trying to understand how people search online and what search terms people are using in relation to computer data, we found that there were many more using the search term “data recovery” than “data backup”.

From this it would appear that data loss is a serious cause for concern. So many times we have heard stories of people losing data and did not have any backup in place. The expression-“closing the door after the horse has bolted” seems to apply.

Everybody seems to be aware of the need to backup, yet so many don’t implement it.

If we are aware of the risk, why do we ignore it?

Primeworks Online Data Backup is a program that is easily loaded onto computers which contain your data. It then regularly backs up the files to your Online Cloud Account. In the event of data loss, either by accidental deletion, encrypted ransomware, hardware failure, theft, data corruption or any of the multitude of factors that can cause data loss, you simply login to your backup account and restore the data from any device.

The service is straight forward and can be implemented by anyone who is comfortable with computers and installing software.

For those who would prefer assistance, Primeworks offers a managed solution whereby we assist you every step of the way!

Don’t wait till it’s too late – make a plan to back up your data!

If you are not that “tech-savvy”, then feel free to Contact Us – we are honest, reliable and we know IT!

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